Benefits of Joining Oxbridge


Oxbridge is the FASTEST growing network in finance and real estate. We have over 1,100+ agents and 100+ finance brokers across Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, Singapore, UAE, UK and the USA. With our global alliance partners we have over 200,000+ professionals. We offer fantastic technology, systems and support to help you to "Achieve Excellence" in real estate and finance.

Why Join?

Australia, NZ's and USA's Fastest Growing Real Estate Agency and Finance Company

Why Join Oxbridge?

We are the FASTEST GROWING Real Estate and Finance Network in Australia, New Zealand and USA

Phenomenal Technology +80%-95% Commission Split + Flexible Membership (No Joining or Monthly Fee), Free Training for New Brokers + Prospecting Team Support + Build Your Loan Book + Fantastic Software

1. No Office, No Boss, No Monthly Fees, No Unfair Commission Splits:

Work For Yourself

Are you an broker sick of the unfair commission splits? Sick of the office? Oxbridge provides you with all the necessary tools to sell and/or manage a rent
roll. You can trade under Oxbridge, Co-Brand or Bring Your Own Brand. Our plans are simple

  • Associate Membership - 80%-90% split (No Monthly Fees)
  • Full Membership - 80%-95% split (Includes RP Data, Docusign, Insurance) ($120 + GST a month)

2. Build Your Own Brand:

Free Co-Branding

You can also co-brand and co-market with us for free. We highly encourage this. Build your profile in your local area under your company name or your name.

3. Join our Multi-Level Revenue Share Program

Join our Revenue Share Program to Earn Passive Income

Oxbridge provides ongoing commission payment for agent, finance broker and member referrals. When a new member is referred to Oxbridge then referral member will receive 10% of Oxbridge’s membership monthly fee and 2% of Oxbridge’s Gross commission for every sale, rental (letting fee only) or finance (upfront fees only) that is put through Oxbridge.  If the referring member then refers another member, property manager, agent or broker, the initial agent will receive 2% of Oxbridge’s Commission of everything they refer for a finance deal, sale or rent. If they do the same it will be 3% monthly and 0.5% commission up to 8 levels deep.  These referral fees will be for life as long as you are a full paying member with Oxbridge. As an example if a member refer 20 members a year and each member refers another 20 then the total PASSIVE INCOME from the revenue share would be over $336,000 a year! See the Oxbridge Revenue Share Calculator.

4. Earn Commission Income Through Private Finance Referrals

Oxbrige has its own Finance Arm - Oxbridge Capital & Finance


Oxbridge Capital, a fully accredited private lender ( can assist any of your clients with any type of private finance loans (development, construction, first equity mezzanine) from $5,000 to $200M (see

Oxbridge has put in place a generous referral program for both upfront commission and trail commission for any referrals. These can be up to 50% of the total commission depending on the types of loan and the size of the loan.

5. Free Training for New Brokers

Free Training for New Brokers

You can build and grow a loan book including for residential, commercial and private finance loans. We offer free training for new brokers. Other brokerage firms will charge over $5,000 a year for the training.

6. Access to National and International Projects Leads

Exclusive Leads for Our Brokers

Oxbridge has access to 550+ projects from around Australia and internationally, many of which are exclusive to Oxbridge. Projects offer excellent source of lead generation. Oxbridge brokers will NEVER have no leads.

7. Free Website, Hosting and Template

Oxbridge offers you a free website, hosting and template

For full members Oxbridge offers you a free website for your business. Bring your own domain name or use one of ours.

8. Training

Oxbridge provides you with regular free training and support

Oxbridge provides you with regular training and support. Sessions are held are held every week. Team meetings are held every month. You have access to extensive training materials from industry leading trainers and access to exclusive events. See

9. Oxbridge Member Rewards and Benefits

Oxbridge provides you with countless member benefits

Oxbridge provides you with access to many corporate benefits including the exclusive Mercedes Benz Corporate Program (significantly discounted pricing and financing for vehicles, 3 years complimentary scheduled servicing etc), QANTAS & Virgin Business Travel program, 5% off OfficeWorks, 4-6c off Fuels, Corporate Vistaprint, Regus members, significantly reduced insurances, significantly reduced loans through Oxbridge Finance and legal services through Oxbridge Law and many many more

For full members we offer complimentary access to VIP Coffee Club Membership (see

10. Global Insurance Policy

Oxbridge has a global PI and PL Insurance Policy.

Oxbridge is one of the few brokers in the country to hold a global professional indemnity and public liability policy. Oxbridge will cover your insurance costs

11. USA Exchange Program and Sponsorship

Oxbridge Sponsors Agents/Brokers to the USA/Europe

Oxbridge is the ONLY agency and finance brokerage in Australia and New Zealand
to offer international sponsorship to the USA and Europe (See

12. Award Winning Company

Oxbridge has won Countless Awards

Oxbridge has been recognised by the Real Estate Institute, REB and was selected by the Australian Financial Review as one of the Most Innovative Companies in Australia

13. Coffee Club & Regus Offices

Oxbridge Agents and Brokers have access to offices

Oxbridge full member agents and brokers can access 3,500 Regus Offices worldwide and receive a complimentary Coffee Club VIP membership card (50% discount on drinks). This allows our agents and brokers the flexibility of working from anywhere but also have access to an office or meeting place.

14. Fantastic Software

Oxbridge provides you with the latest software


Oxbridge has Full Access to these Software Subscriptions

  • Corelogic Rpdata Full National Subscription + Direct Marketing Module
  • Homepass Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Activepipe Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Eagles CRM Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Full Unlimited National Subscription
  • 92+ International Realestate Portals Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Arcanite Projects -  Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Property Tree, ManagedApp, OurProperty, Property Me Full Unlimited
  • Infinity Platform (Finsure) Full Unlimited Subscription
  • PriceLabs Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Beds24 Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Wishbox Full Unlimited Subscription Stripe/Square Full Unlimited
    Subscription Afterpay/Zippay Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Docusign Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Realworks/REA Forms Full Unlimited Subscription
  • Zapier/Hubspot Full Unlimited Subscription 

15. 24/7 Support

Oxbridge provides you with all the support you need

Oxbridge provides you with full support for CRM, Accounts, Billing, Marketing and all property related issues through our online platform. Instant chat support is also available through our CRM

Access Oxbridge Support at for real-time support. Please download a copy of TeamViewer to help us support you quicker.